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A new UN organization



United Nomads.
A new UN.
A moral compass.

United Nomads’ mission is to unite all digital nomads, remote professionals, and location independent entrepreneurs around the same values and ideas.

As united nomads, we practice DIVERSITY, celebrate our UNIQUENESS, we respect others, and believe in do-good.

We are given the opportunity to live the best life anyone has ever lived before on our planet – it is our responsibility to make it a better place for all, by sharing knowledge, creating opportunities and spreading freedom & love.

I invite you to join the UN, a new type of UN – help me, and many others – to make this a far better, equal, and fair Earth.

Dean Kuchel
Founder / United Nomads


Thank you

I am Dean Kuchel, founder of United Nomads.
Ten years of world travel exposed me to the many beauties of our planet. Amazing people, unreal nature, and lots of kindness & love.

And at the same time – I saw a different side of our world, one we don’t often come across, prefer not to discuss, or deny.
Poverty, hate, racism, inequality and limited access to basic freedoms.

I am here to change this reality, and I ask you to help me on this important mission.

The UN. United Nomads, is my attempt to make planet Earth a better place for as many as possible.
Join me on this journey, let’s celebrate life, and help others to do the same.

Say YES! Go explore,
Dean Kuchel

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